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We are all expats, one day we all pass away,  but we are not aware of the exessive prices handled by the Funeral industry, remeber this”  Funerals in this country a Ripp-off “, and we did not knew this, until we are all caught by surprise. So talk about in advance.
My advice, a noble and altrustic gesture to mankind, donate your remains to science. It is simple and the cheapest solution of all.
Remember the higest price for a funeral in London is 12.000 GBP
Good morning
My name is Tony, and I am your direct contact, to several universities in Spain .It is necessary that you fill in the data, the university like to know from the donant, or just fill in the following application formular
The expression of your will, to donate is completed for you and send to your home adress, in your own language. So you just sign the documents and return then to me, in the pre adressed envelope, my advice, talk to your relatives and explain them your intentions.
2010-08-19  Some questions ? call me directly 644.345.109

First things first:

Free APPLICATION formular click HERE 

1.First we always confirm the reception of your application by mail.  And I sometimes I shall ask you to correct some failures.FILL IN


2.Later If you prefer a personal contact,then it is time to meet, where I can give you an answer al your doubts and questions and  later if your ready, sign the documents relative to your will for the university.

3.Activation is not bound by time.The decision is up to you.

Donors, once activated their WILL, shall receive their PERSONAL SEALED PASS,  At the back of the PASS you will find several URGENCY phone numbers which you can call  in your own language. Denialive then directly contacts the responsable at the university, and the body shall be retrieved and transferred at no extra cost for the family. Remember that you need a death certificate, emitted by a doctor.

 A small donation is needed, due to, the body need to be picked up at the place the donant died in Alicante province, and bring it to his final destination  . This year 2017 the amount was fixed at 120 €




Do you know, what to answer, if someone just tells you ??  “There is currently no place at the universities it’s full !!!!       A PREMIUM DONOR does  know, the answer !! .

Do you know how the funeral sector works ?? SIMPLY Exploiting the unexpected MOMENT to get as much as possible financial benefit out.

Did you know that you can register as a DONOR in several universities at no extra cost?

Did you know that the will you signed ,as DONOR does not contain any obligation for your family.


If I pass away as A “PREMIUM  DONOR “does my family should need to pay anything ??   NOTHING.

Is it necessary to have a meeting in person, ??  YES  Personal contact in this matter is important, find an answer to all your questions , and  NO  all can be done via email now or  Phone Tony  644.345.109

 Cost of dying - Graph


It has been agreed that family members of a donor must be able to report a death in their own language, an urgency stickers and an EXTRA special PASS with phone numbers.

The organisation  or myself  shall then contact directly the right person at the university for quick removal.

Before the physical remains can be transported, a certificate of death is required.
In the event of a death in a hospital, you will automatically receive a death certificate from the doctor. In Spanish “Certificado de defunción”

The next-party, family or neighbours, will never be charged any money.


Latest information updated : 19/7/2017

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Mail INBOX   15/6/2017
oud koppelGood morning Tony,
We have r eceived the sealed passes.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Kind Regards
L &  G

Thank you so much for your help, it is a pleasure to know there are people out their that do help others.  God bless.    John S.

Good afternoon, Just to let you know that we recieved the ” URGENCY CALL” stickers, many thanks   
Linda & George
More info just ask me                          Tony KNEGTEL     
2010-08-19 12.11.16Latest update 18.7.2017
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Pictures taken in our International “Deathcafe” meeting last april. Next meeting in Pedreguer in April 2018 with assistance of the university, where you can ask them or find an answer to your personal questions.