Q & A All about donation to science ?


Science do need human remains for study and training purposes, but what does it finally for me of my children. ?
Resulting is that LIFE EXPECTATION  for them is increasing yearly        + 76 daysleven
The red graphic line on top is for women, who live around 84,5 years
Men on the blue line live about 79,5 years.
Funny……. people who smoke – 13 years 

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Here we publicate all we know about donantion.


I do present my family. Left Emilie and het brother Arthur, and the oldest one on the right is Tony, the founder. I started in 1999 distributing documents to family and friend, neighbours. A few years ago we were all donants at one University in this province, and we all recieved a letter that ,for no reason we had to applicate again using a new formular, emitted by that University, and we were informed about the new conditions they decided.

Searching for a better and much cheaper solution ?? .

What did you want to know: Mail.me .20170406_132424


Why do people donate their remains to science ?? Simple…expats do not need a grave here, family living abroad shall never visit us here !!!

2. TCost of dying - Graphhe RIPP OFF by the funeral industry is the big reason. V.A.Taxes are+ 21%

3: In this segment of live, you need the service of someone you trust, but talk about it with your family or relatives

4. The………   ONLINE ………..  application is easy to handle.

DIRECT ACCES : Click here

I am not so fond on computers what can I do ??  Send me the data the university want from you:,

N.I.E number document copy , phone number, phone number of the witness and if you know your S.I.P number ( Centro salud card number) Make a picture of your N.I.E. document en send it to me via email.     cdfurs@gmail.com



Why do a need to pay a small part ??

Simple….we need to pay part of the cost, because the body must be transported to  another province, and we have also the publicity and administration costs in order letting you know what to do before, the unexpected happens.So total expences for your last trip   Activated befor end  2018 =240.Euro. Payable in advance, because you don’t know “When and Where” and paying after is impossible !!


Donate your remains to science, the cheapest way of all, follow our ADVICE !!!


Can I talk personally with you  ??   Yes whenever you like, we have a ” Death Cafe ” where people meet, once a year to talk about live.

What is my will realy ??  In the document people express their will, that they prefer my remains go at the University of their choise for learning purposes.


Please remember, that expressing your will, is no contract between two parties.!

URGENCY Stickers    These are the telephone numbers to CALL in case of urgency, IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.

If you call the university yourself speak SPANISH. In that case, use the numbers on your PASS

What about Grief ???  Yes we have this facility, a place to grief, at the entrance of the cementery of Pedreguer. But NEW also virtually, where your family can visit this place of remembering, worldwide.24 hrs a day.


Forver remembered by tomorrow’s doctors


If you don’t focus on the day after tomorrow you will be too late”


People who decide to give their corps to science, live much longer, since the beginning of my initiative, nobody from the donants has died.